COVID-19 Guidelines



* Maximum occupancy is 18.
* Only one entry point to be used as per requested Covid- 19 procedures, the back door is temporally locked.
* Social distancing is in effect as able. Alternate stations are closed.
* Non – essential high – touch items have been removed. (I.E. magazines, brochures, pamphlets, etc.).
* Beverage service is discontinued, no outside food or liquids.
* Retail products will be handled by stylists only.
* No walk – ins, guests must have a prearranged appointment. Some services may be altered.
* Covid – 19 protocols are posted throughout the salon.


Please follow the protocols below to ensure safety for yourself, your stylist and our staff.
* Please arrive with clean dry hair.
* Please be patient as you arrive early.
* Upon arrival, guests must wait outside until escorted in to the salon by their stylist.
* Guests must wear a face mask, please wear your own. The salon does have a small supply, $2 @ the front desk.
* Each guest must sanitize their hands upon entry to the salon. There is five sanitizing stations located throughout the salon.
* Guests who have recently traveled outside of Canada must not enter the salon for a period of 14 days post arrival.
* If you’re feeling ill, your appointment will be rescheduled without penalty. Covid – 19 symptoms may include: fever chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, headache, muscle fatigue and soreness.
* Limit personal belongings. (I.E. coats, bags, etc.). Otherwise these items must stay with you for your visit with us.
* Please arrive alone, no guests, family members, or friends.


Your stylist has agreed to and must adhere to the following:
* Must wear masks.
* Must wash hands on entry to the Salon and frequent handwashing throughout the day.
* Able to serve one guest at a time, no book backs and/or wrap out appointments, and no fringe trims.
* Stations must be sterilized between guests.
* Disposable gloves are encouraged to be worn when possible. Face shields are available upon request.
* Tools must not be shared and sterilized between each client.
* Robes, and gowns are to be laundered after each use.
* No sink toning as to reduce face to face exposure.
* Stylists must sterilize wash basins and chairs after each use.
* Should a stylist, feel ill or present symptoms in the work place, it is expected that the discontinue their service, wash their hands, clean and sterilize any contact surfaces and go home and/or seek medical assistance